cb_bcn_sirvent_1_hollis_finalThe Horchata is the product summer Horchatería star Sirvent Barcelona.

Throughout the summer you can enjoy the best Horchata and crafts in our shops in Barcelona, ​​located in the Parlament (No. 56) and Balmes (# 130) streets.

Horchatería in Barcelona Sirvent horchata offer the best handmade tiger nuts entire city of Barcelona.

The horchata is a very refreshing drink, prepared with water, sugar and groundnuts or ground wet. The secret is our horchata is the craftsmanship of this delicious drink, while the quality of all the ingredients, as the good quality of all the ingredients taste much power.

Groundnut, the main ingredient of Horchatería Sirvent horchata in Barcelona, ​​is a tuber, which once extracted from the earth, begins the process of drafting the horchata. First it comes to washing, and then groundnut is passed through a mill to make this the crush. Once crushed, it allowed some time maceration, all chufa pressed several times, and the final product is obtained. At the end of this preparation is added sugar, but today we find variants of horchata without any pinch of sugar.

Horchata drink is rich in minerals and vitamins, among the most prominent are potassium, phosphorus and vitamins C and E. On the other hand, it should be noted that the artisan horchata contains no lactose or gluten, although many trademarks added milk protein, and in that case is not suitable for lactose intolerant.

So it does not take too long to go through our two stores Horchatería Sirvent Barcelona, ​​located in the Parlament (No. 56) and Balmes (# 130) streets, remember that you have all summer to take a very rich horchata in Barcelona, ​​either our stores or in your own home.

Spanish Horchata
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