blanc_i_negreHorchateria Sirvent in Barcelona you will find the best fruit smoothies among other flavors and ingredients that insurance will surprise a lot.

When summer arrives in Barcelona, and heat looms above the sidewalks of the city, only we can come to mind one thing, the rich shakes stores Horchatería Sirvent Barcelona.

As always, we can find in the streets Balmes Parlament # 56 and # 110, in both you will find all our products, such as the spectacular shakes multiple tastes, including sundaes or our magnificent tiger nut horchata craft.

A good smoothie is synonymous with freshness, tradition and quality, all together we can find in our stores in Barcelona.

I hope in the Sirvent Horchateria of Barcelona to enjoy the most, with the shakes that we prepare in our stores.

Bon Appetite!

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