Nougat of Alicante

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The artisan nougat Alicante is one of the most traditional Christmas desserts. The unique flavor and firm, hard and crunchy texture of this nougat have become the object of desire of many gourmets worldwide.

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Why buy online?

Buy online artisan nougat Sirvent is a luxury for the most discerning palates. Our turronerías only physically in Barcelona, but our leaders have decided that the handmade nougat Alicante can be savored anywhere in the world without problems thanks to our online store.

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Alicante nougat quality

Sirvent can boast of being the best house artisan nougat Spain, thanks to the quality and freshness of its products. Our traditional artisan recipe makes nougats of Alicante Sirvent a sweet Christmas with an intense flavor and a crunchy texture and lasts only worthy of the most discerning palates nougat.

The use of Marcona almonds and rosemary honey of the highest quality is one of the keys to the traditional recipe nougat Alicante Sirvent, and one of those responsible for their resounding success at the tables around the world.

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