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Recipe for the cup of ice cream dipped in hot truffle nougat

In this article we present another recipe of ice cream cup; And on this occasion we will introduce the nougat, our star product in Horchateria Sirvent, in one of today’s ice cream cups.

This recipe for the ice-cream cup dipped in hot truffle nougat is a way to take advantage of the truffle or chocolate nougat that we may have left over from Christmas parties.

The ice cream can be the one that we want or we like more, like for example of vanilla, chocolate or even strawberry.

We quote the ingredients that we should have in our counter to begin to elaborate this spectacular glass of ice cream:

  • 3 scoops of ice cream (taste to choose)
  • 40 gr. Of truffle nougat / chocolate (40 gr. / Cup)
  • 20 m. milk
  • 1 trickle of liqueur (taste to choose)

First of all, we must put the nougat in a cup with milk, and we will put it to heat in the microwave for about 30 seconds, to ¾ of power.

Once the nougat with the milk is heated, we will remove it from the microwave, and we will remove it with a spatula and we will add the trickle of liqueur (taste to choose), and if when we take it out of the microwave, the nougat is still not melted, To heat in the microwave about 15 or 20 seconds more.

Once the nougat is well mixed with the liquor, we will take the glass of ice cream and we will put a ball of ice cream in the bottom of the same glass, we will bathe it with the hot chocolate, this will cause the ice cream ball to emerge from the bottom of the cup . Once well bathed and last step, we will put the remaining ice cream balls on top of the melted chocolate, and will be ready to decorate to our taste, and then serve and enjoy.

Greetings and very good profit! (And be aware of the following recipes for ice cream cups!)