Welcome back to web portal Horchateria Sirvent, one of the ice cream parlors and horchaterías most prestigious of the entire city of Barcelona.

Today Horchateria Sirvent we continue with articles focused on the summer ahead of us this year, and in today’s article we are going to present a few flavors of ice cream that may overtake you as much as us to find , advised that in Barcelona Sirvent not find them, as I said, are exotic flavors of ice cream.

frozen strange we warn that before reading the names and ingredients of the flavors of exotic ice cream that we are ready to explain, you have to promise not to forsake reading this article to mean simply must avoid rushing scared of read the following ice cream tastes exotic. Think a little after reading, if they can sound pretty strange, so we call them exotic, but as the saying goes … always give a first opportunity for all.

If one day you have the chance to try any of these rare ice cream, you have to Do It! At least you will know that never equal’ll ask another exotic ice cream or perhaps the opposite, you may like very much and you become a stalwart of the exotic flavor of ice cream.

So, let’s see what they are and how eccentric exotic flavors of ice cream we should try sometime, if we have … option.

ice cream mixes you never thought. Do you dare?

The first taste of ice cream, and not too exotic, but if unusual, it’s the ice cream flavored horse meat! Obviously this ice cream will not be too suitable for those who are vegetarian, but if it will be for those who decide to try new and exotic things.
In our cuisine, horsemeat is not too famous, quite the opposite, and that style ice cream … you may not be too good received by the general public of ice cream. The fact is that to find this icy so exotic, we fly to Tokyo, and there, in an ice cream shop Ice Cream City find this special and carnivore ice horsemeat.

After this good start with exotic ice cream, we continue with the second proposal exotic flavor of ice cream that you should try. In this second proposal, we propose a taste of exotic ice cream, which since 1998 can be found in the Max and Mina ice cream parlor in New York, an ice cream parlor that has created more than 5,000 different flavors of ice cream over the years. But today the exotic flavor, it is flavored ice cream horseradish.

The wine ice cream parlor this magnificent New Yorker is very changeable, because they are always experimenting with new ingredients for their ice cream. However, it tastes like horseradish, pizza, jalapeno or garlic are already a classic among its range of bizarre ice cream.

frozen foreign I would encourage you to try a flavored ice cream bacon ? It would be a perfect ice cream for an American breakfast. Store Rehoboth offers an ice cream cone and completely covered with crispy bacon chocolate. It sounds pretty tempting … and at once with too many calories to be a rich ice cream.

The ice cream stand eta oriented exclusively for foot lovers, and for these people, what better idea to convert the limb in ice cream? Cold Stone Creamery went ahead to the dream of many people and created this exotic ice cream stand, which consists of a combination of cream cheese ice cream, Oreos and a pie crust. Take this ice cream is an experience …

In New York City, you can already find the icy dream of every child, and that is the ice chewing gum. This exotic ice cream with small pieces of chewing gum has become the favorite of the smallest in the gelateria Hayward .

Give a chance to the new flavors of ice cream

After these exotic flavors of ice cream, we start with the last two ice creams with exotic flavors. In this case it is flavored ice cream with blue cheese. This ice cream was created in an ice cream parlor Oregon, called Salt & amp; Straw. In this ice cream they stand out for its ice cream, which are the product of many ingredients, but all have in common with a mixture of sugar and spices with exotic flavors of all kinds. Would you like to try?

And now, it has reached the last taste of ice cream covered in this article, and that is neither more nor less, the taste of ice cream with mint avocado and sour cream. This ice cream flavor so exotic it decided to create in Creole Creamery .

This exotic flavor of ice cream, like all the others promise to be good, and certainly are. That if, as most are far from Barcelona, the best option that you have to enjoy a rich ice cream is coming in Sirvent Barcelona and we will show a rich artisan ice cream.

Now we just need to add a very important step: If you decide to go try these flavors of exotic ice cream (mostly far from Barcelona) … send us a photo of the taste of exotic ice cream by our social networks (Twitter or Facebook ), and this way you will encourage more people to try this magnificent exotic flavor ice cream.

Greetings and very good appetit!