These Horchateria Sirvent de Barcelona we are going to tell you a little about the history of ice cream, one of the most spectacular products in hot weather.

The origin of the ice cream is considered a bit uncertain, but at the same time, yes it is clear that its origin is very old. On the other hand, we must be aware that the product of the ice cream has suffered severe changes in concept, and of course, all these severe changes in approach are related to the great technological advances that the world, and its industry along Western society food, has received.

At the same time, we find the popularization of ice cream. Its use is widespread, since the product has become more popular in Western society. As consumption has increased, the demands have also done, either in volume and variety of concepts.

Notes history of ice cream

Ice Cream Despite all this evolution of ice cream and its surroundings more direct, we can fix the probable origin of the ice cream at the front and large presence of very cold drinks, cold drinks or chilled with ice or snow on the courts of the nobles of the time.
But still, we find in 400 B.C. a food in Persia, much like the current sorbet ice cream, the ice cream sorbet-like dish was a plate cooled as a type of pudding or flan, was made from rosewater and vermicelli; this dish was only served to royalty during the summertime.

Linking it with that dish as old and like sorbet ice cream, the Persians were those who began to master the technique of storing ice using a type of refrigerators Large and very artisans. Throughout the years, the technique of giant refrigerators was towards the European continent and in the Middle Ages was integrated in many places, being called as ice wells.

These stores, usually underground, kept the ice that had been collected during the winter, or that he had collected from the mountains during the summer. Cold food there needed to be kept in good condition, such as meat, fish or other foods that are beginning to be kept cold store.

The ice was introduced into the wells to have ice or keeping cold food after mixing with ingredients, such as fruit flavors varied, and thus the first sorbet or ice cream were achieved. During the Middle Ages, the Arabs themselves who were preparing products sweetened with fruit and spice, and everything nice ice cold ice wells they had. To this mixture of ingredients it will be started calling Sharbat (in Arabic), the word was passed from generation to generation and the term Hispanic was finished naming as we know it today: sorbet.

On the other side, and a little further and years ago in China, Emperor Tang had a technique to create mixtures of ice with milk, and this procedure may sound us a lot, because it is the basis of many of the ice cream we know today, and we both like. The recipe for that product was traveling with his masters, China was westward through India, Persia, and Greece and Italy.

It was in Italy where during the Middle Ages, took the ice cream character, and from there began to become popular among companies and their respective diets. It is also said, that was the traveler Marco Polo, who brought to the European continent, after his travels to the East, several ice cream recipes he learned in Asia.

Ice Cream the recipes have evolved, new ingredients, new techniques, new demands … and the ice cream became popular, and the offer was adapted (and still does). It is said that under the reign of Louis XIV began to prepare vanilla ice cream and chocolate, later the heavy cream, until the current ice cream, and that creation was due to the interest of the monarch by the product of ice cream .

The origin of the ice caused much controversy, and there is only one thing that is unanimous, and the ice cream is beginning to take to the streets when the weather is good and the temperatures begin to increase.
When spring is just beginning and thermometers and say it’s time to put the least amount of clothes and cool, ice cream and demands our attention.

What is clear, apart from knowing that ice cream is a delicious and good nutritional product can be defined as buttermilk, frozen, sweetened, concentrated consumable in different flavors, shapes and sizes, is that the origin of this sweet and refreshing food is very old but will present at our summers and warm evenings.

Did you know all these stories about ice cream?

Today, ice cream can be purchased or made at home, only milk, eggs, sugar, time, a freezer and a little dedication and patience to enjoy an ice cream gorgeous made by ourselves is needed, but you can always come to enjoy a good ice cream in the ice cream parlors Horchateria Sirvent de Barcelona.