Tart nougat Jijona

Recipe cake nougat Jijona, with this cake you can enjoy nougat in a different way.

First, to say that if you are very fond of this cake nougat nougat Jijona are going to enjoy it immensely. This Jijona nougat cake is very simple and easy to do and at the same time is very rich.

Before you begin to tell you the recipe for the cake nougat Jijona, I have to say that eating craftsmen nougat is a way of eating healthily, since most craftsmen do not use additives or preservatives so that our nougat out as rich and healthy as possible, and of course eat homemade pies nougat is also very healthy.

Having said all that, we started the recipe Jijona nougat cake, a recipe that Barcelona would love Sirvent the probaseis into your houses to eat this holiday season our nougat artisans .

First, as in all items of recipes that we published, we will present each and every one of the ingredients that you must have on your kitchen counter, to start making your cake nougat Jijona.

Recipe cake nougat Jijona
For the base:

  • 1 package of cookies
  • 70 gr. ButterFor the cake nougat Jijona
    • 2 boards of turrón Jijona
    • 1 liter of milk
    • 2 envelopes of curd
    • 200 ml. creamWith all the ingredients targeted, we begin to make the base and all other previous recipes nougat cakes.The first step will be to prepare the base of the cake nougat Jijona. First, we chop all cookies. We can do it in any way, that yes, we have to grind until they are virtually dust miss. The type of cookie is your own taste, you can use all types: type Maria, golden, whole …Tart nougat Jijona once we have all the good ground crackers, mixed with 70 gr. butter, we have previously melted. Mix everything until a compact and well blended.When we have the mixture ready, we will extend uniformly within our circular mold, and preferably silicone, that way we can make the cake more easily. The biscuit base must be well distributed so that the entire base has the same thickness.

      When we list the distribution of the base, we will put the mold in the fridge and reserve, thus let stand while continuing with the recipe for the cake nougat Jijona.

      While the base of the cake cools and solidifies well, we’ll take a pot or pan and pour all the milk, except a glass that reserve, and both will heat the cream with the milk in the same pot. All simmered, you add in the same pan the two tables turrón Jijona and leave it to simmer until everything is dissolved. In the case costing a little dissolve, we can help the blender to grind some larger pieces you we can find almond nougat Jijona us.

      While all ongoing over low heat, mix in the glass of milk that have reserved previously dissolve the two envelopes of curd, and when the saucepan with the milk and nougat Jijona dissolved begin to boil we add the mixture of glass.

      When all the bucket, after adding milk and curd, boil again, we will draw the mold with the biscuit base from the refrigerator and pour the entire contents of the bucket above the base. We must be very careful when pouring the entire mixture, as it may break the base and the cake look bad.

      Once we pour the entire mixture over biscuit base, we must stop his pace and temper at room temperature, for example, we can leave it on the counter in a freso place.

      Then we can refrigerate putting it in the fridge and you’re ready to decorate to your taste, or simply enjoy the delicious cake homemade nougat Jijona.

      If you follow this recipe you are going to be able to enjoy the best receptas cake nougat Jijona in the Horchateria Sirvent Barcelona know and use in your own home.

      Now we just need to try at home to do it and you get it great so you can enjoy a good cake nougat Jijona.

      Greetings and very good appetit!