How to make a genuine nougat Jijona at home?

Sirvent Horchateria today we have decided to share with you one of our best product recipes; artisan nougat Jijona.

Nougats, these spectacular Christmas candy, have become the most representative or typical products of those dates; for example nougat Alicante, or also known as hard nougat; or Jijona nougat, soft nougat, are the most popular and consumed during this time nougat Christmas; for this reason we want that you can enjoy this recipe nougat Jijona in your own home; and of course that you share with everyone else do you want.

Ingredients to make a genuine nougat Jijona.

As in all our recipes, we propose a set of ingredients; in fact all the ingredients indicated must be of the highest quality; only in this way we will make the recipe complete with a top quality product; in this case a real nougat Jijona or soft nougat, totally craftsman; and most importantly, made by ourselves in our house.

So we have to mention each and every one of the ingredients for a nougat Jijona artisan.

  • 100gr. sugar
  • 200gr. honey
  • 1 egg white
  • A tablespoon of lemon zest
  • 300g. ground almonds
  • Pinch of cinnamon

As we mentioned above, all ingredients and products must be of high quality; that way you can enjoy a true jewel of the gastronomic crafts; an authentic nougat Jijona, or also known as soft nougat.

By the way the above ingredients, equivalent to the ingredients to cook a single tablet of about 500 g .; it would be the same for two tablets of 250gr; with this information, you can duplicate it to your liking and make the number of tablets of nougat Jijona that you fancy.

Development of a nougat Jijona artisan.

All the ingredients ready in the marble kitchen, and we can begin to develop our authentic Jijona nougat; As you all know one of the sweet jewels of our country; and the value added that once you’re done will be done in a completely artisan.

First we find a somewhat difficult task; we grind the almonds at home; in fact if we want to avoid this task, we can choose to buy directly the fully ground almonds; if the product is good quality, not affect in any case that is already ground; On the other hand if we grind ourselves almonds, we can use a shredder; we pour blanched almonds and toast in the shredder in small doses; in this way we will prevent aceiten almonds, and thus lose quality and properties for our artisan nougat Jijona.

Once we have done this, we pour in a pan honey and sugar; what we medium heat and stir with a wooden spoon until the ingredients are homogenized; sugar and honey should have formed a good fine slurry after the process.

We will take the pan off the heat and pour the egg whites, and whipped; we will remove it all together, and we will see emerge lumps simpe view, we continue stirring; at the end of the whole mixing process, the lumps have disappeared and the mixture will be a very light color.

All ready to finalize our artisan nougat Jijona.

We already have a good list mix, so it’s time to pour you already ground almonds; thus we will unite all the ingredients, and be well homogenized.

The mixture will put it in a mold, or more, depending on how much we have done; then we work it out by hand; in fact the traditional way is to use two identical molds; an already contains all the mass of handmade nougat Jijona future; the other served to place above the filled mold with weight; with the sole aim of pressing mass artisan nougat Jijona future.

Simply pressing process and completely authentic, we have to wait five or six hours to enjoy our authentic artisan nougat Jijona.