artesanos del turrónWinter is coming and with this, the product star of any dinner or holiday gathering, the delicious nougat artisan. And is that Spain is the largest producer of this product, we can not understand these dates without a sweet artisans nougat, marzipan and typical products, which in its unstoppable development, are able to reach customers in the most comfortable way possible, because today you can order online artisan nougat.

This magnificent option offers the emblematic traditional house nougat Sirvent, dating back to the 20s as a producer of delicious nougat, which has allowed her to become the best brand of nougat in Spain.

Nougat artisan advantages of buying online

This form of distribution offers numerous customer benefits, as many as the benefits of this delicious product:

Quality, freshness and tradition.

When purchasing online nougats, these qualities remain intact and maximum freshness, without sacrificing quality.

Increased comfort.

On dates which are usually very busy with many events, the best way to purchase our nougat without losing time traveling is the online purchase.

Packaging perfect.

The way these are presented nougat is more than safe, as are included in wooden boxes, ensuring that 100% of packets arrive in perfect condition.

Sending as a gift.

It is also possible to get along with family or friends by sending a batch of nougat; this will be an unforgettable memory.

Variety à la carte.

With online buying nougat, we have before us a wide range of products, well detailed, so we select those that are to our liking without the stress and rush of a purchase at the supermarket.

Benefits of artisans nougat

1. Amino acids and essential fatty acids. Eating nougat we provide 7 of the 9 essential amino acids that our body needs for proper operation. It also has a type of fatty acids from almonds that have very similar benefits to those provided by olive oil. In addition, 75% of these are unsaturated.

2. Proteins. The fact that among its main ingredients are eggs nougat and almonds gives this food a lot of protein.

3. Vitamins. The nougat has a high content of vitamins because they are made with natural ingredients, which can provide vitamin E, folic acid and linoleic acid.

4. Sugar and honey. This delicious product provides through these ingredients a great contribution of carbohydrates to the body.

The best option to buy nougat these dates do it is online, we will gain time and keep the highest quality and freshness.