Do we know good food artisan nougat?

The nougat is a very traditional food product; in fact the artisan nougat is the most popular Christmas sweets throughout the sector; this acceptance so popular is due to its spectacular flavor; although many of those who enjoy it year after year know a very important factor; the nutritional value of the artisan nougat; and the case is that the nougat can bring us many benefits to one’s health; for this reason in Horchateria Sirvent Barcelona we have decided to share with you all the nutritional values of this great product; the artisan nougat.


Nougats are very energetic and healthy.

Absolutely all foods that share the name of ‘sweet’, also share another factor; in fact these are highly caloric foods, in proportion to other foods; for this reason we should not take them consistently or regularly.

Nougat as you understand, is no exception to this set above; however if the artisan nougat is made with top quality products we should not worry too much; if we take very strut artisan nougat form.

You know how many of the artisans nougat contain a very good ingredient: almonds; in many artisans nougat, almond base part nougat; in fact the almond is a very nutritious food, which makes it a very interesting ingredient for any very caloric food; on the other hand we know that the fats come from almonds, have a main feature; simply said natural fats are less stable than saturated fats; which can generate multiple benefits for our health.

We can find a variety of handmade nougat.

Constant innovation in the sector has been spectacular nougat; in fact all traditional nougat and craftsmen share a common base; It said base comprises almonds, honey and / or sugar, or some other characteristic complementary ingredient; but the truth is that today we can find many types of nougat.

turrones-alimentos-nutritivosBecause of the wide variety of artisans nougat, the composition of all food is different; therefore not all nougats may offer the same nutritional other factors; each offers a variety of nougat characteristic nutritional values of its ingredients.

How should we take the nougat?

We all know that the product is typical nougat Christmas; but not only that we must take in the Christmas nougat times; It is partly for this reason that in our blog of this web site you will find dozens of recipes for nougat artisans.

In addition to the recipes of craftsmen nougat, you can also find recipes with a common base ingredient: nougat; these recipes already published, they can be anything from ice cream to cakes artisan nougat nougat; to have a base ingredient of good quality and very nutritious, characteristics of ice cream or cakes are equivalent.

We consider how you see the artisan nougat as a spectacular sweet that can be taken after dessert perfectly; while that may accompany a snack or a simple coffee or tea; ultimately, nougat itself could well be a food that can be eaten at any time of day, and to accompany any meal.


How should we choose and keep a nougat?

Finally we advise you how you can pick a good artisan nougat; while we will present some tricks to keep nougats, and keep intact its nutritious properties.

At the time of choosing a good nougat we should pay some attention to the ingredients; especially the amount of kernel having said nougat; its preparation and ingredients are key factors to determine whether that food is nutritious or not; on the other hand we must review the nougat, the amount of sugars; and finally in the case that the package contains a nougat nutrition information box, which must review and pay attention; and an important detail that we sometimes overlooked, is the case of the expiration date nougat.

In the area of conservation Nougat, we should not worry too much; being a product of winter, when they normally consume in cold weather, there is not any problem; generalizing all we can nougat Keep them simple room temperature, and always trying to keep in the same package; But as always there is an exception, this is the case of soft nougat; in this nougat we must be aware that if we keep it simple room temperature, it will leave oil nougat almonds own; so do not panic if you see that the nougat oil begins to give off the passing hours or days.

How could you see, nougat is a magnificent food and worthy of celebrations in which they appear to culminarlas. Enjoy it.