How to develop an authentic artisan nougat Alicante?

Today in Barcelona Sirvent Horchateria want to spread with you all the magnificent recipe Alicante nougat; in fact in this article you will find a great recipe to make a real artisan nougat; and best of all is that you can either cook in your own kitchen.

If you follow our recipes artisan nougats, you will find one common factor; in all our explanations of how to make a genuine craftsmen nougat, we ask one thing; all, absolutely all the ingredients used to produce an authentic artisan nougat, must be of the highest quality; only in this way we can get, in this case, a real nougat Alicante worthy of the development of a professional craftsman.

And I said this common factor in all our recipes nougat craft, to which we invite you to read, develop and share, we begin the recipe.


Ingredients to develop a artisan nougat Alicante.

As I have argued above, each and every one of the ingredients we use must be of the highest quality; That said, we share a brief list of essential ingredients to make a true artisan nougat Alicante.

  • 250gr. raw almonds
  • 150gr. honey
  • 150gr. sugar
  • 1 egg

With these ingredients ready and have everything ready to start building a good artisan nougat Alicante.

Recipe development of a true artisan nougat Alicante.

First we elaborate the main ingredient in our Alicante nougat, almonds; the lineups we previously and simply must put in the oven or in any ungreased skillet; we owe very often, and only in that way will brown evenly; decide to withdraw when we see at a glance that the almonds are golden brown and at the same time are to taste.

Almonds and toast reserve, and we will prepare the mixture to Alicante nougat; will to simmer a pot, and pour into all sugar and honey; when you reach the point that the mixture begins to bubble, we’ll let you go to warm a couple of minutes; and at the end it out of the fire.

With such an elaborate mixture into the pot, pour her whole egg; which previously we should have slowly mounted; always with light and rotary movements, only in this way we will make clear not curdle.

With the white of egg mounted by the mixture of sugar and honey, we will beat with a spatula or tools; We must not fail to remove at any time, until the mixture is very homogeneous; that will be the time when the mixture will catch more consistency; when this happens we must be very agile and incorporate almonds into the current mix, and not stop beating with spatula before.


Last steps Recipe artisan nougat Alicante.

Once we have the mix ingredients well homogenized we owe let stand a few minutes; in fact the idle time will allow the mass take consistency and quality for subsequent Alicante nougat mixture.

With the warmed and respective rest mass nougat Alicante, pour the whole mass in a final mold; said mold must be properly lined with baking paper and avoid the nougat can be stuck on the mold surface; When we have all the mass of Alicante nougat inside the mold, alisaremos entire surface with a simple spatula; and finally let cooling said mass nougat.

To make a true artisan nougat Alicante, we can follow the recipe that we present; more if you want, you can make small tests to this nougat Alicante have a special or more personal touch; These changes may be simple changes or just add a very specific ingredient.

With all this we can get our Alicante nougat mold; the artisan nougat and be totally chilled and ready to eat some delicious Christmas desserts.

We hope that this artisan nougat recipe is to your advantage, and if you prove this recipe, you find it a very good craftsman and homemade nougat; at the same time we suggest that you share with those who most want about your family or friends.

Very good profit.