The origin of ice cream causes a lot of controversy, and there is only one thing that is unanimous, is that the ice is beginning to take to the streets when the weather is good and the temperatures rise.
When spring is just beginning and thermometers and say it’s time to put the least amount of clothes possible and to cool, ice cream and claim your attention.

What is clear, apart from knowing that ice cream it is a delicious and nutritious product that can be defined as buttermilk, frozen, sweetened, concentrated consumable in different flavors, shapes and sizes, is the origin of this sweet and refreshing meal , it’s very old.

3h75h8j2 Many people know the origin of ice cream. The fact is that there are several theories about where this delicious dessert came. The most interesting theories are:

History of ice

The first story about ice cream comes from more than three thousand years ago, and has its origin in the East. The Chinese were accustomed to prepare a paste by mixing rice milk snow.
The emperor Nero, about 1900 years ago, sent his slaves to the mountains to find snow, which was used to freeze the honey, some fruit pulp or juice them.

On the other hand, we have Alexander the Great (356-323 BC), which is considered as one product introduced ice cream in Europe. It is believed that the leader of the East brought mixtures of fruit salad with honey, the same were kept in earthenware pots and were buried in the floor and kept cold with winter snow.

In the fourteenth century the Venetian Marco Polo returned from his famous voyage to the East. In addition to introducing the pulp in Europe, Marco Polo brought a recipe for popsicles, very similar to the ice today.

8804336 In the seventeenth century, when King Francis I was in a campaign in Italy, he decided to bring to his son, the Duke of Orleans, a girlfriend, Catherine de Medici. It is attributed to the introduction of ice cream in France. In the same country, in 1660, Procopio Coltelli opened in Paris, the first ice cream parlor in the world.

The granddaughter of Catherine de Medici (French) married in 1630 with Carlos I of England and according to English history, also introduced the ice between the English. The British colonists brought the concept of ice cream to the United States.

The preparation of the ice at the time was so complicated that it could only take the nobility. We all know how fast an ice melts and the absence of refrigerators, freezers and refrigerators, was an adventure maintain a frozen until a king or wealthy merchant could savor it.

To make ice cream and keep it takes very cold, so the nobles paid several carriers to climb mountains to get snow, and once at home deposited in deep wells covering it with straw. With this snow could chill drinks or juices to mix with what we now know as ‘sherbet’.

In 1846, the American Nancy Johnson invented the first automatic ice cream, from that now began the real history of industrial ice cream with the results we all know. We like ice cream, it has become popular and our demand makes the ice cream industry has a great production.

In 1851 the United States experienced one of the most important moments in the history of ice cream: dairy Jacob Fussel opened the first ice cream factory in Baltimore, producing them on a large scale and being copied by others in the American cities of Washington, Boston and New York.

In 1879, also in the United States, it is invented “Ice Cream Soda”. The car appears and has two versions: one that would have arisen in Italy in 1896, and another who says she was invented in 1904 in the USA. The ice cream palette appears in Italy beginning of the 20th century At that time ice cream for years and that had spread throughout Europe, including Spain and Catalonia within map of ice cream.

Today, ice cream can be purchased or made at home, only milk, eggs, sugar, time, a freezer and a little dedication and patience to enjoy an ice cream magnificent made by ourselves is needed, although you can always come to enjoy a good ice cream parlors in Horchateria Sirvent de Barcelona.