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Fine nougat Jijona


Jijona nougat fine craftsman. A real temptation!

It is the quintessential classic nougat, is made with toasted almonds and honey.

Available in two formats, about 420gr and 660gr

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We ship worldwide.

Shipping within 48 - 72 hours.

The weights of our products may vary slightly by being completely handmade product.

All our products perfectly packaged travel.

All our nougats are shipped in a wooden box that ensures perfect preservation and freshness.

Our shop ensures security payments and shipping.

It is one of the most popular classic nougat, is made with toasted almonds and honey.

It is the only nougat passing through the "Boixet" to mix honey and toasted almonds.

It comes in two formats: 420gr and 660gr.

These weights are approximate and that being handmade nougat not be measured accurately cuts

Turrones Sirvent, Nougat artisan since 1920

All our products are made with the best raw materials, treated with care from arrival at the workshop until you serve at your table.

The shipment is carried in a wooden box that keeps intact its flavor and freshness.

Can not be otherwise, our quality demands it.

You will find our products exclusively in our stores Parlament, 56 and Balmes, 130 in Barcelona


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