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Nougat Sirvent

The history of our company dates back to 1920, in which D. Thomas Sirvent Planelles, nougat in Xixona manufacturer, was established in Barcelona in the Gothic Quarter of the city, in the street Freixures, next market Santa Caterina. Later, in 1943, Mr. Thomas Sirvent Pla, son of the former, moved to the current address of our company on Parliament Street in the central Eixample Barceloni diversifying through the years our offer to get a reputation in horchata, ice cream, iced drinks and candies. Today our company has a team of eight people, to which must be added those who work in our factory in Xixona, responsible for developing handcrafted nougats we market under the name of Sirvent. In this sense we offer our customers a wide range of nougat artisans. The quality and craftsmanship have always been the hallmark of our company, so much so that nougat export to five continents, because our customers send to their relatives our products. We also prepare various batches and corporate gifts. Taste and respect for the traditional methodology has become the best advertisement of our company, which for more than eighty years has found a place in the heart of Barcelona.

Turrones Sirvent, Nougat artisan since 1920

All our products are made with the best raw materials, treated with care from arrival at the workshop until you serve at your table.

The shipment is carried in a wooden box that keeps intact its flavor and freshness.

Can not be otherwise, our quality demands it.

You will find our products exclusively in our stores Parlament, 56 and Balmes, 130 in Barcelona


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