In Horchateria Sirvent de Barcelona we have the best coconut nougat of the entire city of Barcelona.

In the Orxateria – Torroneria Barcelona Sirvent have the best coconut nougat artisan of all Barcelona. Here you will find quality in the fruit of a forged experience and presence in the field of product nougat.

And that to say that we have for you the best coconut nougat city is very simple Orxateria – Torroneria Sirvent Barcelona , we make all our products by hand, and our nougat coconut is no different. Our coconut is nougat made with almonds and top with lots of grated coconut.113

In Orxateria – Torroneria Barcelona Sirvent have a secret recipe for every product in our catalog, but they all have one thing in common: the quality craftsmanship; and that is to provide the best coconut nougat, we have to select the best almonds, elaborate with coconut, grated previously and combine them together to create our spectacular coconut nougat.

The coconut nougat Horchateria Sirvent de Barcelona is characterized by its mild coconut flavor, a flavor that is achieved with the quality of the raw material, tactfully when drafting the Nougat mass, with love in every coconut nougat bar Sirvent do in Barcelona, ​​and with many years of experience in the sector and particularly in coconut nougat and other candies that offer Orxateria – Barcelona Sirvent Torroneria

Each of the parts of the process is very important to make a good coconut nougat, but the experience that we endorse argues that the quality of the process is very important in do a good coconut nougat, measures must be precise so that each unit is perfect for you, processing has to be a patient process and not rushing everything has to go at the pace that marks the coconut nougat bar following these steps and adding everything we have learned over the years in our business which are not few details …

All the details we have learned over the years is the secret, the distinguishing mark of all the products you will find in Orxateria – Torroneria Sirvent of Barcelona, ​​and of each product, as the same coconut nougat, has its own secret and shameful detail that makes it unique in front of other coconut candies that you can find in the city of Barcelona

In short, if you are partying you want to be very successful with the guests or enjoy with your family the best nougat coconut, come Orxateria – Torroneria Sirvent Barcelona (Parlament 56 and Balmes 130) and compra your coconut nougat bars of Barcelona Sirvent .

Why do we have to settle with the first bar of nougat we find, if we know where it is the richest, the most festive, the oldest, the best nougat bar Barcelona coconut all?

Horchateria Sirvent de Barcelona Come and grab your coconut nougat bar