Lemon ice cream cup and chocolate mousse recipe

We present another recipe focused on the ice cream cups to make at home. Now it’s the turn of the glass of lemon ice cream and chocolate mousse.

To say that this glass of ice cream is very simple and quick to make, on the other hand we can enjoy a great contrast of flavors, since to gather these flavors becomes delicious for our palate.

As in all the recipes we publish in Horchateria Sirvent, we will start with the ingredients of this recipe:

  • 100 gr. Chocolate mousse
  • 2 lemon ice cream balls

You have already seen that we do not need too many ingredients to make this magnificent and contrasted glass of lemon ice cream and chocolate mousse.

First of all, we will put the balls of lemon ice cream (amount of balls, to the taste of the cook / a) in the bottom of the cup of ice cream that we want to serve later.

Then to the ice cream balls, we will mix the chocolate mousse, and once we have it well dissolved and not solid at all, pour it on top of the ice cream (inside the ice cream cup).

Finally, we must remove a little the surface of the glass of ice cream, and we will serve soon; Although if we want, before serving this delicious glass of lemon ice cream and chocolate mousse, we can decorate the glass to our taste, we can put a chocolate wafer, or try with chocolate syrup or strawberry to mark introduce another contrast in the sundae.