Ice cream is the most simple dessert known, but very simple which are or appear all kinds of ice cream are delicious.

Ice cream we can find dozens, or even hundreds of types of this delicious dessert as sweet and fresh. And the ice cream, milk desserts can be made of creates, ice water, custard, fruit, dyes, yogurts, … and lots of other ingredients. The truth is that a lot would be surprised if we knew all kinds of ice cream that is in the world.

Today, the most common are fruit, chocolate, etc., but you can add all ingredients after we serve, for example, chocolate, fruits, nuts, almonds, yogurt, cream, …

What kinds of ice cream there?

ice creams are ice cream we work and offer Horchateria Sirvent de Barcelona, one of the most well-known for its ice cream freezer and horchatera reputation throughout the city of Barcelona.
types of ice cream the ice creams are those that almost all its production is manual, and mostly takes place in small factories or workers of ice cream. For ice creams, only products fresh and top quality are used. On the other hand, of course not any chemical ingredient used to enhance your look, or own flavor of fresh ice cream ingredients.

So workmanship and quality, the price of ice creams, used to be higher than the industrial ice cream because its development is more complicated.

On the other hand, we would find industrial ice cream, which we will name only because, in our spectacular field of ice cream, ice creams only work with. Industrial ice cream coolers industrial plants producing i factories. The development of these products, has stabilizers, flavoring and coloring of all types and at the same time artificialespara enhance color and appearance ice cream as they mostly sell because of its attractive presence. They have a lot of air and water, and because of the size of its production is cheaper than ice creams.

What types of ice creams are available?

Eating ice creams has many benefits, is why this fantastic dessert is ideal for any time of year. The reason? Clear, ice cream is a very complete food and is also very rich.

All ice creams are a great source of energy; and its main nutritional benefits are in different important elements in a good diet.

The ice creams provide especially vitamin B, protein, and especially calcium. Of course, as we do all dairy moderate consumption of such foods, just like that, we can enjoy the benefits of eating ice cream, and, secondly, and most important: enjoy its sweet taste.

Of ice creams we can find dozens or even hundreds of types, and all of course very rich and healthy.

ice types first, we can find the ice creams of milk, which are basically composed of milk as its main ingredient is milk, to be named or categorized as ice milk It should contain about 475 gr. milk per liter of composition. Due to the large proportion of this frozen milk is the most appropriate for smaller house because the calcium can bring these icy will not be the same as compared other ice cream, also craftsmen.

Without neglecting the main ingredient of the previous group of ice cream, it’s time to introduce the ice skim milk, which are made with a minimum of 0.3% fat and is of dairy origin, which ends up being cream . This process is skim milk (mayoriyaiamente) leaving the milk is and rest, and therefore fat ascend, and thus easily removing it; the other option out there, is to spin, and in this proces which, the machine turns of tens of thousands

Ice cream: This type of ice cream is made with a minimum of 8% fat of dairy origin, ie, cream, and 2.5% of proteins of dairy origin. As a result a very creamy consistency which can be mixed with other ingredients, such as chocolate, cocoa, vanilla and even some fruits is obtained.

In a row, we find the most popular ice cream among the smallest of the houses, made of water ice (frozen). The call also sorbets or slush, is that these ice cream just out of frozen several well-mixed ingredients, such as water, fruit juices, milk combined, of course sugar, and other ingredients that can add them, always depending and adapting to our liking.

We can also find ice cream, these types of ice cream contain in its preparation as the main ingredient eggs, and these are combined with dairy products and sugar, thus its taste is very peculiar and a bit pasty, yet familiar, as if it were a small taste from what we had in mind.

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Greetings and enjoy!